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Bear with me vs. Bare with me

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion| PSLE English Grammar |Bear with me vs Bare with me‘ :

Which is the correct expression?
“Bear with me” or “Bare with Me?”

Unless you want the other person to get naked with you, you should probably choose the first expression.


The verb “bare” means to “uncover” or “expose”.
So, if you asked someone to bare with you, you are asking the person to get naked with you.
Unless that’s your intention, you should be using the first expression instead.


The verb “bear” means to tolerate or to be patient with. So, the expression, “bear with me” means “be patient with me.”
Here are some examples of using this expression:
If you will bear with me, let me try to explain.
We know it’s boring, but bear with us here.


Once you understand the correct meaning of the phrase, remembering the correct expression should be quite simple.

Another trick is to remember the noun form of bear refers to a large and furry animal. A bear that is patient with you will bear with you but a bear that is impatient will just eat you up!


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