Should you use inter or intra?

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion Academy| PSLE English Grammar |Inter Vs. Intra :

What’s the difference between inter and intra?


When do we use inter-?
Inter- is a prefix which means between or among groups.
This prefix is used quite commonly used today because we live in a highly connected world.

Here are some examples:
International means between or among nations.
The Internet is a network that connects people around the world.


When do we use intra-?
Intra- is a prefix which means on the inside or within.

When we contrast intra- and inter-, we can see the difference:
Inter- is for open systems among groups while intra- is for closed system between one group.


Here’s how we can use intra-:
Internet is a system that connects computers around the world
But the intranet is a network that connects computers within a certain group e.g. for employees in a company.

In general, we do not need hyphenate the prefixes.


How do we remember the differences between the prefixes?
– Inter- is used for systems that are connected, both inter- and connected are spelled with “e”.
– Intra- is used for networks that contained. Both intra- and contained are spelled with an “a”.

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