Should you use then or than?

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion| PSLE English |Then VS. Than‘ :

What are the differences between than and then?

Distinguishing the two words may be difficult because they are only a single letter apart and sound really similar.


Let’s look at the differences between then and than:
Than is a conjunction used to make comparisons between elements, objects and people etc.
A conjunction is a word that connects two clauses or coordinate words in the same clause.
Here are some examples:
He is shorter than I am.
She can jump further than I can.
Your food looks better than mine does.


On the other hand, then is mostly used as an adverb or an adjective.
An adverb modifies verbs, adjectives or other adverbs.
Here are some examples of how then can be used as an adverb:
Then can mean “at the time”:
For example: I was at the library then.

Then can also mean “next in time or order”:
For example: We jogged and then went for breakfast.

Then could also mean “in addition”
For example: The meal was $50 and then there is service charge.

Or then can mean “in that case”
For example: If it rains, then we can’t jog.

Then can also be used as an adjective which means “being so at the time”.
For example: This decision was taken by the then president.


Here’s a good trick to remember the differences between these two words:
Then is usually used to indicate time. Time and then have a letter “E” in them.
Than is used to make comparisons. Than and comparison has a letter “A” in them.

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